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La palestra all'Hotel Roma di Firenze

гимнастический зал

In order to make the stay of our Clients more pleasant, to let them immerse in the beauties of Florence without forgetti…

Tassa di soggiorno a Firenze

City Tax

The Tax amount for this accommodation is Euro 4,90 per person per night. The tax has to be paid directly to the Hotel at…

Il tuo soggiorno in sicurezza

Your stay in safety

Our priority has always been the safety and the comfort of our guests through the care of an high standard of cleaning a…

Vetrate artistiche di Tito e Galileo Chini

Витражные окна

Три из девяти витражных окон - оригинальное произведение кузенов Тито и Галилео Кини (1922/23) - прекрасно сохранились.

Felice S. Natale all' Hotel Roma!

Merry St. Christmas at the Hotel Roma!

The Hotel Roma keeps on shining with its sparkling Christmas Tree