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Tito and Galileo Chini stained glass

Vetrate artistiche di Tito e Galileo Chini

The rooms at the ground floor - the hall, the reception, the bar and the restaurant - still have 9 stained-glass windows, made by Tito and Galileo Chini between 1922 and 1923.
The decorative typology shows three recurrent patterns: the corbeille full of flowers, the putoes with the festoons and the pairs of fishes one in front of the other. Each subject is placed on a rectangular base and is encicled by a bordure decorated with tiny geometric figure inspired by the "secessionist" decorateions of Klimt's taste.
The above ornament shows some phytomorphic, stylized figures, monochromically paintend, with a medallion at its centre showing the hotel's monogram (HR).

The two artists revive some subjects of the Déco repertory, like the basketi of flowers and fruits and the geometric figures assembled within rhythmic layouts whitc highlight the graphical and linear peculiarity. The vegetabli tangles, ending with curls, coils and palmette leaves, refer to the decorations whitch characterize several frescoes made by Galileo Chini.

According to some stylistic differences between the two artists, Tito may supposes to be the author of the windows'decoration, while the patern of the putto placed inside a berceau full of flowers, mixed with floral and animal items, belongs to the typical repertory of Galileo.
However, it is difficult to exactly distinguish the single parts, beacuse the two artists often use well-established decorative repertories, to be adapted each time to the architectonic and decorative contexts.