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Uffizi tutto l'anno

Uffizi all year long

How to visit the wonderful Uffizi Gallery all year long without worrying about the long lines and the waiting hours? Now…

Prenotare in anticipo a Firenze, conviene!

Book early and save now!

Are you planning a trip in Tuscany? Make a step in Florence, the Cradle of the Italian Renaissance, with a 4-stars stay…

A Firenze con la Firenzecard


With Firenzecard you can visit 72 Museums and travel conveniently with all public buses for 72 hours free!

Il Museo dell'Opera del Duomo - Speciale offerta

The museum of the opera

The Museum entertains the world's largest collection of sculpture masterpieces of the Florentine Medioeve and Renaissanc…

Outlet Village Barberino

Outlet Village Barberino

For the lovers of the quality shopping and of saving, the Barberino Designer Outlet, simply well-known as the Outlet Vil…

Shopping di lusso da The Mall

Luxury shopping by The Mall

Don't miss a visit to Outlet The Mall, the big luxury shopping centre very close to Florence, created to offer to the Cl…

Le Domeniche a Firenze!

Sundays in Florence!

Nothing better than going for a beautiful walk to Florence (Italy), in the happy Sunday's atmosphere of the historical c…